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I still haven't fulfilled those requests from last time. :(
Crest of Courage by matsuyama-takeshi
This is some busy artwork!

The composition of characters is nice, and I especially like Omegamon partially hidden to the side, in his own space of sorts. You did a great job filling up the canvas with subjects, despite a number of them being traced/referenced. The shading on them is beautiful, and I really respect you for using traditional media! I especially like the sparing use of highlights. Tai's nonchalant laughter befits his character. (Nice touch on his shirt hanging out underneath his blue vest.)

The red and blue colour scheme for the background clashes quite badly, and hampers the impact. In some aspects, I get that this helps the piece stand out amongst many others in DeviantArt. It's a shame that your great paintings get lost in the stinging contrast — even if it was perhaps suppose to do the opposite, and help them pop out. Otherwise, the digital squares/pixels is a really cool touch! It fits in with Tri's special effects.

There is a good couple of Digimon Adventure Tai paintings composed with Agumon and his forms, but this still stands out amongst them in a striking and earnest way.
Nice going!!
Finally, my 'core' status is over!
GranKuwagamon by Mearns
This was started in 30th July 2012.

The painting fossilised several times over the years, but having finished those other pieces it was high-time I worked on getting this out the door!
Adding insult to injury is that it was suppose to be a quick piece, hence the simplified shading and flimsy strokes. On that note, I put an excessive amount of detail in the wings as a weird idea of contrasting the scale to DinoBeemon. Enlarge the painting to have a look!

At least it's finally done. Poor Wormmon. :(

Evolves from:
DinoBeemon by Mearns

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Happy Birthday!! Also did anyone ever tell you that you know how to work with perspective? Because dang man you know how to work with perspective. (and other things as well, but dang it's really impressive)
Hope you have a nice day!~
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